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In 1994, Mr. Mueller donated many of his photos to the Mayville Limestone School Museum.  In 2004, in an effort to preserve Edgar Mueller’s photographs, all the pictures in the gallery were cataloged and scanned to a computer.  With the assistance of a museum exhibit consultant, the photos are now displayed by theme.  Some of the photos displayed on the center panels have been selected for enlargement for a more effective display.  The smaller photos have been reprinted in-house using archival inks.

Born in 1913, Edgar Mueller began his education in Mayville's public school system, attending kindergarten through 4th grade in this building.  The very room which now houses his exhibit was Edgar's first grade classroom.

Edgar's career began in the 1930’s as a photo journalist.  In 1966, Mueller's single most-famous photo “Goose Explosion” was published in LIFE Magazine, and was subsequently published worldwide.  Edgar also  provided the photos for two books: Wild Goose Marsh  and Wild Goose Country.  He spent his entire adult life capturing Mayville's history on film.  Edgar passed away March 23, 2001.


The theme for 2018 is "Fire and Police related photos" which are on exhibit around the perimeter of the room.  The center portion of the room displays many of Edgar's wildlife photos.