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Art Conservation Report



ARTIST: Unknown

PERIOD: Circa WWI, 1917?

MATERIAL: Machine made linen

SIZE: 100' tall x 36'' wide

Conservator: Anton Rajer, Ginny Wickman

DATE OF TREATMENT: April - June, 1991


The canvas is a machine made linen that was tightly rolled for many years.  Two wooden dowels were attached to the work of art, one on the top and one on the bottom.  The canvas was torn along the top in two places with other small tears associated with the larger horizontal tears. 

The medium is on-canvas.  Some flaking noted.  There does not appear to be any varnish.

Heavy layer of grime noted.

 Numerous areas, in particular on the right near the image of the Capitol there appears to be mold or mildew.  This might be the result of the painting being in a damp location for an extended period of time.

Cusping lines noted along the edges from the time the art work was painted.  Small nail holes also noted.




Repair tear with Japanese tissue

Touching up with acrylic paint