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Second Floor - North (Room 2)

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The north room has been divided to recreate three classrooms of the past.  One represents the late 1800’s, another represents the 1940-50’s era, and one is our kindergarten area.  Many of the donations in these rooms have come from teachers, both past and present.

In the 1800’s classroom, students’ papers from the 1800's are on the teacher’s desk.  These treasures were found in the attic of this building.  The room contains a number of old-style student desks and a wall map of the United States from 1894.

In the middle classroom on one wall are letters of recollection from past teachers, dating back to 1931, called “School Days - We Liked It Here.”  On the opposite wall is a photo display from the estate of Verna Marohl who was a teacher for 49 years.

A kindergarten corner, with some original furniture, wooden toys, early children's books, and records has been arranged in the third section, nearest to the doorway north room.


         Classroom of the Past 1800's